Our Products

Ceyestar is assuring you that we deliver real organically grown cinnamon products. We are making our production without using synthetic material. Instead of that we use organic manner, traditional technologies…

Cinnamon Powder

We produce Ceyestar Cinnamon Powder according to the standards and quality by using quality cinnamon which we grow organically in our plantations.
In here we are highlighting the specialty of our cinnamon powder is, that we do producing in a way saving the natural cinnamon fragrance and the taste.
And Ceyestar Cinnamon Powder has packed properly in a protective package.
Thus, you can use our Ceyestar Cinnamon Powder under an affordable price range for meals, ayurwedic, treatments or any other necessity of cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon Sticks

Ceyestar is producing and supply both cinnamon powder and cinnamon sticks to the market, with suitable packets and we are able to certify about the quality of our production. And also we are considering about protecting the quality of cinnamon sticks while we are making packets.
It can be convert the cinnamon sticks in to different sizes of mesh according to the necessity of our customers. You can use cinnamon sticks esily to increase the taste of curries and drinks.

Cinnamon Oil

The specialty of Ceyestar Oil product is that producing in a very cleanly manner and packing in a standard way.
To produce Ceyestar Cinnamon Oil we only use cinnamon leaves which organically grown in our own plantations.
It can be use Ceyestar cinnamon Oil for any of your cinnamon oil necessity with trust.

Value of Our Products

As a food & flavouring agent
Ceyestar cinnamon can be used as a food flavor and mostly use to add taste and fragrance to curries. Not only that but also cinnamon is using mostly in cold areas to make people’s body hot and even use by mixing with various drinks.
The usage of organic cinnamon powder will add many advantages to lives of human kind. Such as increasing the quality of meals and obtaining a healthy life.

Use for Medicine
Specially, Cinnamon can impact to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, stomach problems and able to use as unwanted body weight killer. And cinnamon oil use for massage treatments, not only that but also cinnamon use to make medicines.

As cosmetics
Cinnamon uses for many cosmetics productions for instance lipsticks production, to produce a scrub with honey,to loss excess weight …etc.

Use for a desing
In designing, cinnamon sticks can use to decorate, dining tables in hotels with having the fragmented of cinnamon.