Our Services

Help for poor children

We donate USD $0.25 from each Ceyestar cinnamon pack, to deliver some benefits for people who need helping hands.
In Sri Lanka, most of the labours are Indian Tamil nationalities who does not belong even basic sanitary facilities.
Their levels of health, education are very low. Thus we commenced a project which is having the aim of upgrading the level of health, education of them by facilitating them with necessary facilities. We believe that our effort make positive and effective impact on their lives.
It should be appreciated of your contribution for our charity works. Thank you for that..

Contribute to the area development activities

Our cinnamon plants are situated in real natural area which has not modernized yet. There are no more factories or any other job opportunities.
Thus we could be able to support the residential people in the area by offering them job opportunities to suitable people. And we are contributing for area’s developments programs by funding those activities. Annually we are allocating some funds for those social services.